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2018 Search & Rescue Team

Members of team

Image from Standard Journal 2017

Snowmobile rescue

Image from Cody News Company

Ice rescue training..

Image from Northern Wyoming Daily News

Sheriff Rakness explains to Search and Resue Members parameters of field search

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About Us


In the Beginning:

In 1989 Washakie County Search and Rescue applied for non-profit status and was granted the same. The team operates to further the public safety efforts of the Washakie County Sheriffs Department. The principle mission of the Washakie County Search and Rescue Team is to assist/supplement the sheriffs department as directed by the sheriff.



The team has been able to operate through the generosity of the public and the willingness of community members to become members of the team. All of the equipment the team uses has been obtained through donations. Without these donations and the continued generosity of the public Washakie County Search and Rescue would cease to exist.


Where we're going:

The Search and Rescue Team is a ready resource when the community faces adversity due to weather, manmade and natural disasters. As the popularity of Washakie County grows among rock climbers, atv enthusiest, watercraft users, fisherman, hunters and hikers, some will need the specialized skills of Search and Rescue. Therefore it is important for the team to grow in manpower, maintain and update equipment to meet these needs.


Lead Team Member Bio's:


personel bio pic(Dave Michel: Commander): Dave Michel is a long standing member of the Search and Rescue Team. He oversees the team's operations and is the law enforcement liason.

personel bio pic(Jessica Reinig: Officer): Jessica is the Secretary and Treasurer for the team. She insures the team's records comply with state and federal requirements for a non-profit organization..

personel bio pic(Michael Siegfried: Sergeant): Michael is key to the Search and Rescue's operation. His area of expertise is communications and he single handedly insures the team's communications are operational. Mike also leads a squad.

personel bio pic(Jeff Neal: Sergeant): Jeff has been with Search and Rescue for 4 years. He is from an urban law enforcement background and was a combat medic in the US Army and Medical Specialist in the US Air Force.

personel bio pic(Neil Lockard: Sergeant):Neil is an avid hunter and spends a great deal of time in the Big Horn Mountains which makes him a valuable asset to searchs in the Big Horns.

personel bio pic(Nick Donnell: Sergeant): Nick an avid hunter and has a significant knowledge of the Big Horn Mountains. Between Nick and Neil there is very little area of the Big Horns they have not been.

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